Protect Your Property with Window Films for Calgary Homes

Protect your home against the damaging effects of UV light and heat exposure from the sun. Wood finishes, carpeting, upholstery, custom paint and draperies are all susceptible to fading over time wherever windows are present.

Causes of Fading* Source IWFA and AIMCAL Training Manuals

UV light = 40% | Visible light = 25% | Heat = 25% | Miscellaneous = 10%

Causes of fading

Enjoy the view from your home with properly installed glass treatment by Suntec Products. Our micro-thin window films are scratch resistant and come in a variety of shades. If you’re looking for a cost-effective heat control solution, give Suntec Products a call.

Our residential services include:

  • Residential window tinting
  • Window tinting & coating
  • Window film products
  • Custom film

At Suntec Products, we install Johnson Design Plus ™ Window Films.

  • Daylight Natural films offer neutral colours for maximum natural light
  • Sunset Bronze films replicate expensive glass tints and increase light control
  • Scenic View films combine heat rejection properties with lower interior reflectivity

Not only are the window films we install beneficial in preserving your possessions and lowering your energy bills, but our window films also protect your loved ones in the event of broken glass. The additional polyester barrier found in the Safe Plus ™ series safeguards against flying shards when panes are damaged.

Improve the quality of your home with Suntec Products. Get in touch with one of our installation experts today.

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Safe Plus ™ films protect your windows from shattering

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