Residential & Commercial Window Film Treatments

At Suntec Products, we draw on decades of experience with window treatments and more to match you with what you need. Serving both residential and commercial clients throughout Calgary, we will be happy to discuss your options and how we can help. Read more about our services below, or contact us today to get started.

Save Energy & Reduce Consumption with Window Film

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At Suntec Products, serving customers throughout Calgary and the surrounding areas, we have the products you need to help you reduce your energy consumption by preventing unwanted heat into your home. This is accomplished through the application of window film, which acts as a shield against the sun's excess energy, yet still allows you to enjoy the view. By deflecting unwanted heat, you can allow light into your home without having to reach constantly for the air conditioner.

Window films reduce heat by up to 78%, reduce glare and ultraviolet rays by up to 99%. If you'd like to get started with this great means of protecting your home and saving energy, contact us today.

Protect Your Windows with a Layer of Safety Film

Serving commercial and residential clients throughout Calgary, Suntec Products knows that if you have windows you need the protection of safety film. In the event of breakage, a sheet of glass can explode into razor-sharp projectiles, endangering people, pets and possessions. Safety film provides a thick adhesive coating to your glass, while also boosting its resistance to impact forces. Check out the table below to see some of the product specifications, or contact us to get started.

Safe Plus Film Construction Visible Light Transmission Energy Rejected Shading Co-Efficient Break Strength Peel Strength
Sec 02 2 Mil 1 Ply 85% 16% 0.96 50PLI >5PLI
Sec 04 4 Mil 1 Ply 84% 18% 0.95 100 >5
Sec 07 7 Mil 1Ply 82% 19% 0.92 175 >5
Sec 08 4 Mil/ 4 Mil 83% 20% 0.91 200 >5
Sec 11 4 Mil/ 7Mil 83% 19% 0.91 275 >5
Sec 12 4 Mil/ 4 Mil/ 4 Mil 83% 20% 0.9 300 >5
S4 RS20 4 Mil/ 1 Mil/ RS20 19% 74% 0.29 100 >5
S4 HCB30 4 Mil/ 1 Mil/ HCB30 32% 67% 0.38 100 >5
S4 HNC35 4 Mil/ 1 Mil/ HNC35 31% 59% 0.5 100 >5
S4 HNC50 4 Mil/ 1 Mil/ HNC50 45% 46% 0.66 100 >5
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